All of our customized programs are available in 2 versions:  1 on 1 session (limited spots available) and online coaching and programming (Do on your own time with our full support and guidance).

Customized Health Programs

Gait training + postural correction

This program will help retrain and educate people on proper walking and body mechanic techniques.  This program is recommended for those with an injury, post surgery or someone with a chronic condition.  

 Falls prevention 

This program will use free weights, resistance bands and own body weight to help improve strength, balance, flexibility, posture and ambulation. This program is recommended for people who are frail, history of fractures and recurrent falls. 

Core strength and stability

This program will use medicine balls, stability balls and mats to help protect to improve the strength and awareness of the core muscles contributing for the support of the spine, abs definition and optimization of the main mechanisms of movement (pull, push, squat and lift). 

Functional training

This program is designed for people who desire to enhance physical conditioning beyond what just the eyes can see. It focuses on full body exercises to improve total body strength, power, tone, endurance, movement, flexibility,  weight loss and definition.

Customized FitnessPrograms

1 on 1 Sessions & Personal training programs

Personalized training for different goals.

30 min Physical rehabilitation sessions or injuries treatment

 45 min health programs

1 h injuries prevention and personal training sessions

All 1 on 1 sessions are submitted to a physical and/or physiological assessment by our Kinesiologist or Personal Trainer before the beginning of the program and reassessment after each phase of the program.

Online Coaching and Programming 

Fully customized programs updated biweekly for you do on your own time with our guidance and full support during each step.

Our online coaching programs are based on 3 months commitment and offer you:

- Initial consultation
- Self-assessment
- Programming and mindset
- Live sessions
- Video exercises
- Unlimited online support
- Private Facebook group
- Eat clean foundations nutrition plan

Tai Chi & Qi Gong Exercises

The practice of Tai Chi combines slow, deliberate movements, meditation, and breathing exercises.
The routines worked in the Tai Chi classes are not designed to burn calories or raise your heart rate but to develop a mindful awareness of body and mind connection by focusing on your internal energy (CHI) and how it flows through the body within the martial arts movements that you perform. The low-impact movements, standing balance exercises and breathing exercises also can strengthen legs and arms while benefit blood circulation, balance, body alignment and body control. 

Our Tai Chi & Qi Gong programs are available for 1 on 1 sessions, online program and group classes.

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