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    What is the main difference between a Physiotherapist and a Kinesiologist?
    A Physiotherapist is able to diagnosis a client's condition. Whereas a Kinesiologist can explain how the condition is limiting the client's movement and how it is affecting their performance.
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    Are Kinesiology services covered by OHIP?
    Kinesiology services are not covered by OHIP.
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    Are Kinesiology services covered by insurance?
    Yes, please review your insurance plan to see if Kinesiology services are covered. If your insurance plan does not cover Kinesiology services, keep your receipts for income tax purposes.
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    Do I need a Doctor's referral?
    No, you do not need a Doctor's referral to be treated. However, if the condition needs a diagnosis, please speak to your family Doctor or Physiotherapist to get the necessary documentations needed to be treated.
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    What should I wear for my group exercise class?
    Please wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to move freely when doing your exercises.
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    What should I expect during my first 1:1 rehabilitation visit with a health professional?
    You will be expected to provide us with a detailed explanation of your injury/condition and medical history. You will be asked to fill out a PAR-Q medical questionnaire and consent forms A health professional will administer an assessment that will take between 20 minutes to 1 hour. Health professional will discuss with you the treatment plan
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    Do I need to do another assessment if I have done one with my Physiotherapist or Chiropractor already?
    Yes. In order to provide the best treatment, all assessments with our Kinesiologist is mandatory.